Shenzhen Terart Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Formerly known as Shenzhen Terart Stone Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Terart Enterprise Co Ltd. has devoted to intensive processing of high-quality domestically sourced and imported natural stones since its establishment in 1997.

We have established a factory of 30.000 square meters, and been equipped with Italian production equipment for slabs and tiles. Sourcing various quality stone materials all over China as well as from Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and other countries, we aim to meet requirements of professional engineering and design. In 2002, the Company introduced production techniques and production lines of stone composite panels, parquets, mosaics, outdoor table tops for garden use, various indoor table tops, etc., completing the overall supply line of stone products. Working with our brother companies, including National Class I Decoration and Design Enterprise-Shenzhen Terart Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd., Terart Furniture Manufacturing Base and Terart Glass Technology Co., Ltd., has enabled us to enjoy supplementary advantages in design, construction and decoration, and be one step ahead to undertake large-scale engineering projects home and abroad. Apart from being provided to large-scale professional engineering projects home and abroad, our products have been sold to all places in the world, winning public recognition and praise.

We are convinced that professionalism makes stone crafting and successes possible.

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ADDRESS:No.34 Huanshan Road,Dakang village,Henggang Town,Longgang District,Shenzhen City